Celebrating our partnerships with Suffolk Environmental Projects, Botanica and WildEast

We all need to honour and work with our natural environment. Here at Kingfishers we are passionate about putting nature at the centre of everything we do. Collaborating with our land, our team and a growing community of inspiring people, we are on a journey towards creating a richly diverse environment. 

On the 5th December, we planted a special guardian oak sapling to honour the land and to share our gratitude to three partners who are supporting us along the way. These are Natasha Ingrams of Suffolk Environmental Projects, Jess Dighton of Botanica Plant Nursery and Laura Hampton of WildEast. The oak has been grown by Botanica from an acorn sourced from an ancient tree in the nearby parish of Helmingham. The sapling has been sponsored by Suffolk Environmental Projects who are also generously providing a range of flowering and nut bearing trees for the play area at Kingfishers. Laura Hampton is our partner at WildEast, the conservation charity that encourages East Anglian residents, businesses and organisations to pledge a portion of their land to nature and help create a network of habitats right through our urban, transport and farming landscapes.

The guardian oak is also a symbol of respect for the past and the other mature trees of the site of which we are guardians. It is a celebration of the present, and the thousands of other species that the oak tree supports. We are also planting our vision for the future which is to become a regenerative tourism site, a place where caring for the land enriches all our lives!

Jess Dighton from Botanica